George Romero's new Movie starts Filming


Last night and early this morning, production work began on George Romero's newest offering "George A Romero presents ... Deadtime Stories 2", as reported by the Valley Independent, a Pittsburgh local publication.

Deadtime stories is comprised of three scary shorts, in similar style to the "Night Gallery" or "Twilight Zone" series, and has 3 seperate directors.  It will feature Romero, before each short, sitting in his arm chair with a large book, getting ready to read the scary stories. 

The scenes shot so far depict a pair of hormoned raged kissy-faces, parked at "lovers leap" who are attacked by a werewolf who flips over their car!  Shooting will continue today through Friday.

"Deadtime Stories" is not yet released, but it is completed and an April 2009 release date is expected.  Followed by "Deadtime Stories 2" which is expected by November 2009.  Production on "Deadtime Stories 3" will begin in the summer of 2009.  That's a heckuva lot to look forward to!

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