Forbidden Planet to be Something no one has thought of


Although it has escaped him a few times, the on again, off again remake (kind of) of "Forbidden Planet" is back in the hands of writer/creator J. Michael Straczynski.  As he told MTV news,

"I've always wanted to do something involving 'Forbidden Planet'.  It's my favorite science-fiction film of all time". 

Over the years, Straczynski has watched the rights to the movie pass around hollywood, but then, finally got his break. 

"I heard the rights at Dreamworks were about to expire and I went to Joel Silver and said I think if you move quickly you can grab it and I can write it.  And he did.  It's the dream of a lifetime to play in that universe."

So, what's he got in mind for the (sort of) remake?  Apparently something pretty fabulicious based on his enthusiasm. 

"I told Joel Silver this is how you do 'Forbidden Planet' without pissing on the original that no one has ever thought of", says Straczynski.  "When I told [the idea] to him, his eyes lit up.  It's not a remake.  It's not a reimagining.  It's not exactly a prequel.  You'll have to see it.  It's something that no one has thought of when it comes to this storyline." 

The 1954 film definitely had a retro look, but Straczinski is planning on updating while trying to keep some of the original nature of the film. 

"At the time it was made it was cutting edge.  They weren't trying to be retro - they thought they were right on the cutting edge", explained Straczynski.  He continued by saying "What we have to do now is have this one be as innovative now as the original was back then.  It doesn't mean we should look backwards". 

It's obvious that Straczynski is very excited about doing this movie and is pouring his heart and soul into it.  He has some bold ideas, but still wants to pay attention to the scientific details. 

"[When coming] up with the Krell backstory and who they are, I sat down with some of the nation's best minds in astrophysics and planetary geology and A.I. and asked them - based on what we know now - what will a million years from now look like?"

Personally, I'm a self confessed technofile, so I'm excited about the cutting edge aspect of the movie and throwing this way into the future and thinking about what might come.  Some of our best advancements have come from the ideas and thoughts of the science-fiction writers of the past.  I'm still waiting for my Rosie the Robot Maid mind you....

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