Frankenstein to be redone by Del Toro?


The Mary Shelley classic and one of my personal favorite tales of mad science gone screwy is possibly in line for a remake.  The LA Times wrote that Guillermo Del Toro reports that after finishing the two movie version of "The Hobbit", he will turn his attention to remaking "Frankenstein".

Frankenstein has hit theaters a few times, and has been portrayed by some prominent actors with great performances.  Included in the list is Boris Karloff's 1931 performance and Robert DeNiro shake up in the 1994 Branagh remake.  Guillermo reports that Doug Jones (Abe Sapien from "Hellboy") might be up next for the role.

"The Hobbit" films aren't due out to theaters untill 2010 and 2011, so this movie is still years away from release, but atleast we now know that "It's ALIVE!!"

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