Rob Schmidt Talks Wrong Turn 3


Rob Schmidt has been out promoting his new film with Eliza Dushku, The Alphabet Killer. During his tour Moviehole caught up with him and asked him if he would return to direct a possible Wrong Turn 3 if he was given the opportunity, "If there was a theatrical release for a Wrong Turn sequel I reckon Eliza and I would consider it but the industry is really into direct to consumer sequels right now".

He also mentioned that he was saddened that he would not be able to see Stan Winston work on the project if it was to return. Another project that Schimdt has been working on recently is called Bad Meat. He had a little to say about where the project stands and how insane it is really going to be.

"Dave Franco is the star of Bad Meat’’, Schmidt announces. ‘’Definitely a graphic horror unlike Alphabet Killer, which is a supernatural thriller without a lot of gore. Bad Meat will be a very disturbing little movie, it's loaded with gore, vomit, and even a bit of anal penetration’’. Ouch..

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