Horror on DVD December 5th


Tomorrow is another fun day of New Horror DVD releases. This go around we actually have some cool goodies that will be coming out. Including among them are SLITHER coming to BluRay and a box set of Resident Evil 1 through 3. Definitely a great buy for fans of Resident Evil.

There are also alot of other indie titles releasing including Amateur Porn Star Killer. Below are all the titles releasing on DVD tomorrow. Reviews, and links to pricing, etc. Enjoy!

Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D: Inside the Head
On DVD December 09, 2008
Rating: 5.4 / 10 (16 votes cast)
The Killer Brandon has become a worldwide celebrity. Girls want him, guys want to be him, and filmmakers want to tell his story. Little do they know they've all made Brandon's kill list. But Brandon may just be a victim himself when some of his past victims are resurrected from t... No Review, Feel free to Write One
100 Tears
On DVD December 09, 2008
Rating: 4.9 / 10 (31 votes cast)
Mark and Jennifer are two daring tabloid reporters, seeking out a bigger better story, which leads them into the bizzare world of a serial murderer known only as "The Teardrop Killer". Hot on his bloody trail, they begin to piece together the things that make him tick, eventually... ( 2 Review's )
Resident Evil 1-3
On DVD December 09, 2008
Rating: 5.4 / 10 (40 votes cast)
A deadly virus has been unleashed on the population of Raccoon City. RESIDENT EVIL: Apocalypse is a terrifying adventure in survival horror. Milla Jovovich (5th Element, Dummy) returns as ALICE, one of only two survivors of the contained biochemical disaster in the first RESIDE... ( 9 Review's )
Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter
On DVD December 09, 2008
Rating: 6.0 / 10 (10 votes cast)
Brandon attacks one last time in this final installment of the APSK Trilogy. Real-life Porn Star Regan Reese portrays an up-and-coming actress picked up off the streets by the young serial killer. What starts off as a good samaritan act quickly turns into a game of cat in mouse i... No Review, Feel free to Write One
Thirteen Ghosts [Blu-ray]
On DVD December 09, 2008
Rating: 6.3 / 10 (41 votes cast)
13 Ghosts is a state-of-the-art remake of the classic William Castle horror film about a family that inherits a spectacular old house from an eccentric uncle. There's just one problem: the house seems to have a dangerous agenda all its own. Trapped in their new home by strangely ... ( 2 Review's )
Slither [Blu-ray]
On DVD December 09, 2008
Rating: 6.5 / 10 (122 votes cast)
The sleepy town of Wheelsy could be any small town in America - somewhat quaint and gentle, peopled with friendly folks who mind their own business.  But just beneath the surface charm, something unnamed and evil has arrived...and is growing. No one seems to notice as tele... ( 11 Review's )

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