Scream Queen crowned for Saw VI


Tanedra Howard was appointed to the title of "Scream Queen" last night on VH1.  This was a change from most reality shows, because the one that seemed to have the most talent actually won this competition, even though some might have felt it was because of her race.  Tanedra squashed this in her Interview with VH1.

“They auditioned me and they liked me because of my talent not because, hey, let’s get her in here because we need a blackā€¦”

As part of her win on this show, Tanedra will get a part in the upcoming SAW VI, to start production in and around February 2009.  Tanedra didn't have any details about her role in the film, but only knew it would be filming in Canada.

Admittedly, Tanedra wasn't much of a horror fan before pursuing "Scream Queens", but had seen the first two SAW movies, and does watch the occasional horror movie, citing "Child's Play" as her all time favorite.

So What about the old horror cliche that the black character always dies first?  Tanedra answered,

"I’m just trying not to think about that. I just want to go in there, do a good job and hopefully they’ll (the producers) see past that." 


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