The Unborn Prequel?


Arrow in the Head had a quick convo with The Unborn star, Odette Yustman (jealous!) and she dished some details about David Goyer's thoughts on a sequel.

"You know, that is quite a possibility. I know that David Goyer was talking about maybe doing a prequel. And hopefully working with Carla Gugino - she plays my mother in the movie - so maybe developing that story a little bit more and you could see why maybe her relationship with her father isn't as strong as it should be and how the real story went down. So that would be a possibility, you know, if it's a hit."

If the whole movie turns out as good as the marketing teams has done at cutting and distributing the previews (as well as other ass-ets) then this should be damn fine movie and worthy of a sequel (more Odette - sweet!).  I guess it's all up to the box office now - The Unborn hits theaters on January 9, 2009 - see you there.

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