Mrs Voorhees Cut From F13 Remake?

I cant speak for everyone, but the Friday the 13th remake confuses me a little.  All the production still are of Jason and he appears to be the focus of the film.  So is this a remake of the first film with him added in, is it a remake of the second film, or is it a combo of the two?  From the sound of things it may be more of the second because to me it sounds like Mrs Voorhees doesnt have much of a big role in this film.  Actually it sounds like she was almost cut from the film entirely. 

ShockTilYouDrop reports that after some October screen tests there were rumblings from those who saw it that Mrs Vorhees and Young Jason were scrapped from the film all together.  Apparently these rumors have been unsettling to Producer Brad Fuller and he has come out to set the record straight.  His reaction to Mrs Voorhee's and Young Jason being cut from the film ""Mama Voorhees is in the movie. Little Jason is in the movie. There was a time they were not in the movie, we were having problems with a scene. We figured it out, and now they're in."

Now, the good news is that apparently they are still in the movie.  The bad news is, if I understand things right, they are only in it for one scene and they had problems getting that scene to work.  Uh-huh.   If anyone else is troubled by this please raise your hand.  I am assuming I got more hands than not which begs the question: is this really a remake or are they just trying to reboot the franchise by scrapping Mrs Voorhees and giving the fans what they want: Jason?  I guess only time will tell but with these new findings about the lack of Mrs Voorhees and the fact that they gave away a LOT of kills in the new trailer, I can say that what little interest I had in this film is slowly fading. 
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