Black Swarm... Swarms onto DVD


Robert Englunds Black Swarm will make its way to DVD on Feb 3rd. No word on DVD extras but this is part of the ManEater franchise and will sell for $14.99 Exterminator Devin Hall (Roberts) has seen a lot when it comes to peculiar insect behavior, but nothing like the swarm of wasps that descends on a homeless man and kills him.

The attack captures the attention of two women: Katherine Randall (Heitmeyer), an associate professor of entomology; and Jane Kozik (Allen), the new Deputy Sheriff and Devin’s former lover.  They join Devin in his quest to stop the deadly swarm. When Jane’s daughter Kelsey meets Eli (Englund), the odd “wasp keeper,” and other locals who all seem to buzz, things get even stranger. Be afraid. Be very afraid, if you see a Black Swarm approaching!

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