Otis on DVD Giveaway


Tuesday Contest!  As you might have known we are giving away all kinds of stuff right up to Christmas as a big thank you to our loyal fans and readers!  Check out some previous posts for more contests, and enter this one Right now!

Tuesday's Giveaway is Otis on DVD!!  Otis is a great satire on the teenage-in-danger suburban horror movie that you will definitely enjoy!  It stars Bostin Christopher, Ashley Johnson, Jere Burns, Kevin Pollack, Illeana Douglas and Daniel Stern. 

The DVD Features the movie in Original Aspect Ratio (2:35) and Widescreen (16:9), Dolby 5.1 Sound and some nice featurettes, including "The Twisted World of Otis", "Suite 16" - the home movie made by Otis Himself, an Alternate Ending and some Commentaries.

To enter this contest email us at contests@horror-movies.ca with the subject OTIS please include your username/real name/address. Please remember this contest is only open to active members of our community. So you must be a member who is active. New or old does not matter.

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