Winner: Sorum DVD Contest


In an effort to make my fingers bleed and also please you members we have yet another winner of our Holiday Horror GiveAway Bonanza. This go around we have the winner of SORUM on DVD.

This is contest number 4. The first one was 28 Days Later Aftermath by Steve Niles, the second one was Neil Marshals DOOMSDAY the third was Scott Smiths THE RUINS and of course OTIS on dvd. You can still enter some of those contests!

As for this contest the very lucky winner of this spiffy horror tale is none other then community member DeathGate666. Congrats I will be shipping your dvd out to you this week in deluxe brown paper wrapping. I may even slobber on the postage stamps so you can have some of my DNA :)

Looking for a fresh start, a young taxi driver moves into apartment 504 of a crumbling tenement. He soon discovers the previous tenant died mysteriously and everyone on the floor is somehow connected to the dead man.

After befriending the battered wife living a few doors down, he stumbles into an affair that sends them both down a dark path. But there's something else odd about the atmosphere in the run-down building. Does a ghost haunt those living here, or does true evil exist in those left alive?

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