Holiday Charity Ideas!


So last winter we all put our heads together on great ways that we as individuals can work to better our communities. To often horror fans get type cast as wierdos and goth kids... or freaks. Take your pick. The horror community is not made up of freaks it is for a large part just regular dudes, working regular jobs, living normal lives. I should probly add chicks as well :) We know horror fans are not all guys since alot of you readers are fine lasses.

This year I will be doing my normal donating of money to my local food bank as well as food. What do you plan to do? And more importantly what ideas do you have for the holiday seaons to help a family or organization? Share what you do, or what others around you do to make the holiday season a better time for the less fortunate. Hopefully this thread will generate some good ideas and give ideas for donating of time, food, money, etc.

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