Penance Trailer Bares Everything


Who doesn't love strippers?

Yeah, I know - everyone does - well that's what I thought till I heard about Penance, the new movie by Jake Kennedy, who also helmed Days of Darkness.  Mariah Delfino (Jeepers Creepers 2) stars as a single mother who starts stripping for money - Hey the money's good!  She gets invited to a high-paying private party, which she obviously jumps all over.  Little does she know that the party is a setup by a sadistic psycopathic killer who has a hatred for strippers. 

Don't hate the working girls man. 

This trailer is definitely not work-safe, and for all you kiddies out there, check with you parents before watching this one.  Ah hell, if you've made it this deep down the interweb, then you must have seen boobs by now.  Thanks to a you-tube tip off for this gem.

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