Benicio Hints At Wolfman Sequel


One film that I think almost all fans can agree on as one of their most anticipated films of next year is the Joe Johnston helmed The Wolfman. The original is easily a classic but is obviously a film that can be improved upon with some amazing special effects. MTV Movies Blog caught up with Benico del Toro who plays Lawrence Talbot and asked him about some of the differences in the film.

Anthony Hopkins’ role was [originally] played by Claude Rains and the relationship between Rains and Lon Chaney Jr was a good father and son [relationship]. In [our version], its definitely fractured, I’m like the prodigal son, I’ve been gone, he sent me away when I was a child and I haven’t seen him in twenty six years and I can home again to visit my brother who’s missing, but I [also play an] actor too which is also different.”

Now when he was pressed about whether there will be any other monster cameos he replied, “You mean, the guy named Dracula waiting in the taxi outside?,” Del Toro cracked? “No, there’s no other monsters coming into play, that’s maybe down the line.”

Down the line? Hmmm now that sounds very interesting if you ask me. Could we perhaps see something like a Dracula vs Wolfman or Frankenstein vs Wolfman? It could get really interesting depending on how well the film actually does in the box office. But I have a good feeling about this one.. Then again I had that same feeling for Grindhouse...

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