Win Dead End Days Box Sets Contest


Its been a busy Sunday and I did not get a chance to post our Contest of the day. As you regular readers know between now and Xmas we are going to be posting a contest a day until I run out of cool stuff in my collection to give away... or run out of money to ship it :) So without further ado we have a VERY cool zombie flick you may not have heard of... Dead End Days. You can win the 4 Disc Set.

The episodic zombie comedy "Dead End Days" chronicled a year in the life of a post-war society trying to peaceably integrate a zombie population. When a grasping-at-straws cola ad campaign turned into an overnight success, zombies become the new "it" demographic and the lynchpin to economic recovery. The 48-episode serial chronicled the adventures of a slew of colourful characters including an apathetic video store clerk trafficking in classic horror movies, his frustrated life-insurance
agent girlfriend, and two eager freelance zombie hunters all trying to find a place in this strange new world.

Broadcast exclusively over the Internet via between October 2003 and November 2004 this is the first time that the cult series has been made available on video. The mammoth box set includes all 48 episodes, and four "Special edition" episodes totaling over four and half hours. As well the series creators have included over four hours of "behind the scenes" commentary, three blooper and outtake reels, a featurette on the art design of the series, and other exclusive never-before seen content. The DVD's also allow back to back viewing without interruption, or viewing of single episodes with their original opening and closing credits, making "Dead End Days: The Complete Series" the definitive edition that fans of the groundbreaking
series have been requesting.

To enter this contest you MUST be an active member of our boards. New or old we do not care but we will check since some sneaky folks think they can enter with fake usernames or usernames with no posts. Sneaky! So email us at with your username/real name/age/address and please make the subject be DEAD END DAYS ROCKS and we will pick and announce a winner.

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