Hajirai Machine Girl Sequel Trailer!


So most of us are aware of the Japanese splatter film The Machine Girl. which was one of my Top Ten Favorites for 2008.  However, what many of you probably dont know is that there is already a twenty minute short film sequel to the blood filled original.  This short sequel is titled Hajirai Machine Girl and has a new girl take over the mantle from the previous film.  It revolves around the character Yoshie as she must overcome her shyness to become the new Machine Girl. 

Yeah I know, sounds a little strange but the good news is the good folks at TwitchFilm got their hands on the trailer for this new short film sequel and it is more of the rediculousness that the first film had.  However, be warned that some people may find this new follow up a little on the tasteless side as one of the weapons.....well, lets just say it comes out of the body instead of being attached to it.  Intrigued?  Then check out the trailer for Hajirai Machine Girl below.  It's in Japanese so dont expect captions but it's more Machine Girl mayhem to enjoy!

The 20-minute Hajirai Machine Girl short sequel is an added bonus feature to the new Japanese DVD release of the original film.  No word on any release of this short film any other way other then as a Japanese DVD bonus feature.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for more information as a full lenght sequel titled The Drill Bra Sisters is set to be made sometime soon. 

(Hajirai Machine Girl trailer starts at about the 40 second mark)

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