My Bloody Valentine 3D Released in 2D


One of our favorite news scooopers Alien25 sent over an interesting note that My Bloody Valentine 3D which is getting alot of buzz and push will be hitting the majority of theatres missing the 3D format.

According to the NYTimes the studio is running into a pitfall that faces many movies that use the gimmick of 3d. Most theatres do not support the technology. The film will be released in 2D on 1600 screens and in 3-D on 900 screens. For those of you who are into the 3D and like wearing little paper glasses you will want to call ahead and be sure your local theatre will be playing it in 3D. I for one will opt for 2d since 3-D gives me a serious migraine.

What are your thoughts on 3d? Do you like it? Or is it a gimmick? I know that 3D technology has really evolved and is being pitched as the next cool thing but for me I am less then impressed at this point. I hope to god that you get the plastic eyeglasses that DeadShallRule noted in the comments in all the theatres and not those lame ass paper ones. For a list of theatres that do support 3d in your area forum member DJBlack says to use this site

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