Mutant Chronicles & 100 Feet Doomed?


We have been following Eric Red's 100 Feet and the Ron Perlman starring flick Mutant Chronicles very closely here. Well today some very sad news has come our way from Fangoria. According to them both of the films have been picked up by the SciFi Channel. They may have a very limited theatrical run if they get lucky but for most of us they will air on the SciFi channel most likely in June next year.

So how does this happen? Especially to a film like 100 Feet with a big name director and star? Well I can you one thing.. I have learned that a lot of the time it is money hungry producers.. Don't believe me.. Eric Red take it away, "It came down to continuous financial mismanagement by the producers, them wanting to make a few more bucks and not doing what was best for the film. I fought very hard for months to get everyone to do the right thing, but ultimately I don’t own the negative. I hope that over time, people discover 100 FEET, as they have my other films, which usually had to overcome distribution issues.”

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