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I hate doing a Top 10 worst list. So much so I was pretty much set against doing one but decided just now that if I did a Top 10 I really should suck it up and do a worst 10. It is important to note that a lot of the filmmakers behind the 10 Worst Horror Films of 2008 are very talented and I admire a lot.. but sometimes they just do horrible films. So without any further ado here are the 10 Worst Horror Films of 2008.

#10 Diary of The Dead: It pains me so much to put a George Romero film on a Top 10 Worst film since both him and his son are really nice guys and have spent a lot of time talking with us on the site. That said honesty always comes first and Diary of the Dead was a huge let down. I put it on this list not because it will go down as one of my least enjoyed films but more because it was one of the biggest let downs for me. Land of the Dead was a let down and Universal was blamed for not letting George do his thing and having the producers run the show and not George. George ran the show and we got Diary of the Dead. A mediocre zombie tale that was to short and lacked the usual passion and secondary story that Romero's work is legendary for. Saddens me but the movie comes in at #10 and I truly look forward to Diary of the Dead 2 in hopes it will bring new glory to one of my all time favorite filmmakers.

#9 X-Files 2: Once again a film that it saddens me to have on my list. I have been waiting far to long for an X Files movie sequel and to have it finally arrive and be a cross between CSI and Greys Anatomy was a huge huge letdown. Gone were the usual sci fi elements and the fantastic story lines and in their place was a watered down serial killer tale with a terrible cast and an even worse primary angle of a love story between Mulder and Scully. I for one wanted to see the two of them be together in a sequel and have some of the focus be on their relationship and the angst but I also wanted my usual great sci-fi writing with conspiracy theories, twists and turns. I did not want to see what I got. What is worse was the producers after the film came out justifying its failure and saying its what fans wanted... when we clearly did not.

#8 The Strangers: I have to be honest and say that my biggest problem with this film was the poor casting. Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler played the couple role about as well as if they cast me and Britney Spears. Seriously. The dynamic was terrible and it set the whole film on the wrong legs for me. Add to that the fact that I can not stand Liv Tyler's over the top deep breathing whispery acting routine and you have a disaster. Although the story was interesting and it definitely was creepy at times the biggest downfall of this film was the terrible casting and the poor timing in the story. It did eventually go some where and have some awesome moments but unfortunately a good 50minutes of the movie was a snooze fest.

#7 Shutter: Shutter is summed up best with the big question Why? Shutter was a lame knock off on the popularity of the Grudge and other recent Asian remakes and it offered nothing. It wasn't unique or innovative it was just another Hollywood remake. So it makes #7 on the list for that reason. Not even going to go into a lot of detail on it.

#6 The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer: I realize a lot of you can not stand the Mummy Series of Films and I for one am not one of you. I loved them.. up until number three that is. The Mummy 3 proved that even an outstanding cast can not salvage a cliche and lame storyline that is both forced and out of place. The whole success of the Mummy franchise is the hero who takes his wife and goes rampaging through the deserts fighting mummies. Along for the ride is his funny and useless brother in law and you end up with laughs, action and a good B-movie experience. This go around there are no laughs, just cliche stunt gags, the loving wife has been replaced by Maria Bello and we now have a full grown son in the picture. Maria Bello was completely miscast and couldn't hold a candle to the previous actor in the role and the whole full grown son dynamic was just completely unneeded. Did we really need two guys spitting out lame one liners? Gone is the wit and charm and in its place is way to much cgi, some terrible writing and frankly... a horrible movie. Really disappointing since I was such a fan.

#5 88 Minutes: Al Pacino is one of my favorite actors and 88 Minutes is without question the worst decision he ever made. He plays a doctor who is a professor at a university and teaches about serial killers. Of course he carries a gun, can order police officers around and acts and is treated like he is the chief of police. The movie is horribly written the casting is just plain weird and Al Pacino although he does a good job with what he is given is completely out of place. 88 Minutes is easily one of the WORST thrillers ever made and is far from thrilling.

#4 The Happening: I had really hoped that this would by Shyamalan Nights return to the big stage. Although a lot of folks are not fans I am without question a huge fan. I will however also admit his last few films have not exactly hit the mark. The Happening is no different. He builds up an interesting premise in the first 15minutes and then the rest of the movie rushes to quickly crumble into complete garbage. The Happening had a reasonable cast and an ok storyline but it was poorly executed and in typical fashion before the curtains close the movie fades to black leaving you feeling empty and wishing they had actually finished the story.

#3 Pulse 2 After Life: Where to begin? PULSE was an ok movie. It was a sci fi horror tale with a very interesting angle on Alien Invasion. The movie never really went anywhere till the last 20minutes or so but it was a relatively good film. Pulse 2 Afterlife continues on from the first one and is easily the most screwed up film I have seen in a long time. Best described as an film student project it is visually all over the place, confusing in every possible sense of the word. Pulse 2 is a demonstration on BAD film-making. I think the only way you could truly appreciate this film is if you did some drugs and could get a kick out of the various camera fx and weird aspects the story takes. I don't know since I don't do drugs... I can only assume.

#2 Feast 2: Feast was genius. It will go down in the history book as one of the coolest indie film projects ever done. Gorey, funny as hell and a movie that grabbed you by the balls ( assuming your a guy reading this ) and never lets go. So when the team behind FEAST started on a sequel boy was I excited. Little did I know that the visual FX, the story telling and great acting would be replaced with toilet joke after toilet joke with the odd terrible visual FX and unnecessary scene of violence. In particular one involving a baby that looked terribly fake and was so completely un-needed. FEAST 2 is #2 on my list not because it was the second worst as much as it was the BIGGEST disappointment. Yes its a bad movie you should avoid and yes its better then Pulse 2 but it gets the #2 spot for being such a let down. The filmmakers have WAY more talent then this film shows and hopefully Feast 3 will deliver what we all deserve and show what the filmmakers can really do.

#1 Automaton Transfusion: The #1 spot on this list goes to Automaton Transfusion. Hyped online as the greatest zombie movie ever made and loved by many horror critics I absolutely hated this movie. I hated it for one reason and one reason only. It was filmed in such a fashion that it would induce vomit ting. The shaky, grainy look was either done after the fact to add a textured look and cover up the fact it was shot on digital or it was done during filming for 'effect'. Either way the film was so jumpy and so hard to watch I turned it off and have to say it was the worst experience of my life. How this was billed as being so great is beyond me. I hated it and I hated it primarily for its need to make me vomit from motion sickness. If I could see it again without the shaky cam I would. I want to really judge this film more on its merits then just how crappy the look was and how much it made me hug my toilet bowl.

What were your least favorite films of 2008? Feel free to leave them in the comments. Also be sure to particpate by voting for your favorites in the Horror Fans Top Films of 2008

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