New Cover For Personal Demons Novel


Medallion Press has unveiled the cover art for Personal Demons, the first novel written by Fear Zone editor Gregory Lamberson. Personal Demons was originally published as a Limited Edition hardcover in 2004, and then as a trade paperback in 2005, by Broken Umbrella Press after winning a publishing contest, the Anubis Award for Horror, judged by famed author T.M. Wright. Although the novel received excellent reviews, it was only available on-line, like most small press books.

Following the success of their TPB of Johnny Gruesome, now in bookstores, Medallion scooped up the rights to Personal Demons, which they'll publish in October of 2009. The new cover was created by tatoo artist Dan Plamely, who created the Johnny Gruesome cover, and Adam Mock, Medallion's Vice President.

"I wanted a cover similar to the painted HELLBLAZER comic book covers," says author Lamberson, "and Dan and Adam have definitely succeeded in achieving that. Personal Demons is horror-noir, and I wanted something that would suggest these different genres."

The new edition of Personal Demons is subtitled "The Jake Helman Files," suggesting that the novel's protagonist will be back for future chillers. "I want this to be an ongoing series, and I'm writing the first sequel now. That subtitle is somewhat reminiscent of The Kolchak Papers, which was Jeff Rice's original title for THE NIGHT STALKER, so I like that."

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