Jack Brooks 2 Plot Details


Jack Brooks Monster Slayer was one of the best movies of the year in 2008. For me that is really saying something considering for the most part.. I was pretty indifferent to all the films that came out over this year. But anyway right after the film began to spring up with fans everywhere director Jon Knautz and writer/actor Trevor Matthews began thinking of a sequel.

This movie works perfectly for a sequel much like Evil Dead we want many more stories about the hero and all his adventures. Today STYD managed to get their claws on a few plot details surrounding the next film in what is hopefully many more to come:

Jack Brooks decides to retire from monster slaying, but not before taking one last job. Soon he finds himself helping stop a man with an evil plot to summon the demon Legion.

I'm not sure if I am a fan of this idea or not. The first film is obviously an origin story and then they decide to jump to his very last mission. Or at least thats what he sets out to do at least. Hopefully they may go back at some point and do another film about one of his other adventures in-between. On the other hand it will be interesting if they mention other "jobs" that would simply be to hard to make into a film. Time shall tell.

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