Two Very Cool Clips from Dead Snow


This movie looks so very very cool, and we've been keeping you up to date with every morsel of information about this one, and here we do it again!  Two very cool clips showed up online at Twitch today for the movie Dead Snow.  The first clip is gross, funny and will make you HOT all at the same time, the second, will give you just enough to make you really really really want some more!  

Dead Snow is a Norwegian Flick that follows a group of teenagers up in the mountains for a ski retreat.  Little do they know it's an old nazi base and there are literally tons of Nazi Zombies ready to bounce on them.  What do they do?  Arm themselves with whatever weapons they can find or piece together and wage war! 

Dead Snow is hitting the Sundance Festival later next month, and my fingers are crossed that we'll soon get an announcement about a North American release very soon.  We'll keep you posted as soon as anything breaks!  But for now, check out these awesome clips!



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