Goon Looks Back At 2008


Well time really flies doesn't it? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the theater watching Cloverfield on January 18th. Oddly enough that was quite a misleading film to begin the year with. What felt like a great way to start off the year ended up being one of the best I was going to see.

Every staff member and their mother has written a top 10 or worse 10 so I'm just gonna wing it for you here folks. This year was definitely one I would like to forget. Nothing really stuck out in my mind this year except a couple notables. Its not that we had shit crammed down our throats constantly, its that we didn't have any film other than say Cloverfield that we can say I remember watching that in 2008.

What we did get was a lot of mediocre films that we won't even remember. Quarantine was eh, Saw 5 was an improvement but thats not saying much, Prom Night and pretty much every remake was god awful. So really what was worth our money in 2008? Well not much honestly but we did get a couple really great films that went straight to DVD.

Probably my favorite film of the year would have to be The Machine Girl. I was surprised that this movie didn't get more love from the other staff members. From the insane minds that put out Meatball Machine this was a fantastic, over the top, gore fest from Japan. You really couldn't do much better this year. Unless of course your name happens to be Jack Brooks!

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer also came out this year with a lot of buzz behind it and it definitely delivered. This is one of those rare films that comes along and you beg that a sequel is coming. Jack Brooks brought me back to the Evil Dead franchise and really kicked some major ass. Now that some sequel talk is starting to kick up hopefully we will see some more action in 2009!

Luckily it wasn't all DVD that dominated what impressed me in 2008. No other flick in the theater this year made me take notice more than Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Even if you didn't love the film you really have to give respect to Guillermo del Toro for the visual masterpiece he created. All of his characters have so many different levels to them. Every scene is so masterfully constructed that you can't really help but not recognize what talent del Toro has. With the film creating more questions than answers I expect a sequel at some point. Hopefully soon but with del Toro off in Hobbit world who knows when that might happen.

One of the biggest dissapointments for me this year was George A. Romeros Diary of the Dead. I traveled all the way out to Chicago to check this one out on the big screen and I was let down big time. Unlike most people I really enjoyed Land of the Dead which to me seemed like the logical step forward. But with Diary he totally went back to the time of the breakout which just didn't sit right from the beginning. What followed was a lot of bad acting and uneven sequences. I love ya Romero, but you gotta do better than that.

The worst of the year are many. April Fools Day, Prom Night, The Eye, Five Across the Eyes, The Attic, etc. Of course I have heard about The Happening being a very bad film but I haven't seen it yet so I can't really include it here as one of the worst of the year. The problem with 2008 was that there weren't many films that made you sit up and take notice. I mentioned the three that really caught my eye but other than that it was so so. Hopefully 2009 will bring more than 2008 did. So lets look ahead and hope for the best! 

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