Last Chance to Vote Top Horror Films of 2008


I am going to be tallying up the winners first thing tomorrow so this is your LAST call to have your say as a horror fan in our Top 10 of 2008 poll. I have setup a special poll so that you can have your say on the Top Films of 2008 in Horror. The list of films you can vote on was generated based on the films that the main writers of this site chose in their top tens.

Please take a minute and go to this poll on the boards and vote for the Top 10 Horror FIlms of 2008. It is important to note that you each get 5 votes. Your votes are not visible to anyone but me so vote honestly. That said also only use 5 votes. I know I can trust you all but we will still double check the votes once we are done to make sure you only voted for 5 films. Take a minute to vote in our first ever Horror Fans Top Films of 2008

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