Hatchet 2 Is Happening


Hatchet 2 talk has been going on for quite some time and we have heard Adam Green come out and say that it may happen. Well today he wrote a very lengthy year in review blog and at the very end he confirmed that Hatchet 2 is in the cards. Here is the bit that he wrote concerning Hatchet 2:

"Yes, it is happening. I just can't say for sure what my involvement will be yet. As you just read, I have way more than I can possibly handle on my plate. So if the powers that be can be patient, I will return at the helm. But if the ship has to set sail sooner rather than later, I may have to pass the torch. Think good thoughts, dream gory dreams, and just maybe I'll be the one behind the camera when Victor Crowley returns to kick your fucking asses."

He revealed awhile back something similar about maybe not being able to direct the film. It would be interesting to see who they would pick up to direct the sequel. An interesting choice would be Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). Green and Lynch are both friends and they both think a lot alike. Well only time will tell for now.

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