Stephen Norths Dead Tide Brings Zombies!


Stephen North dropped us a line to tell us about his new book that is now availble. He is a friend of community member FloridaPossum but we decided not to hold that aginst him. The tagline for his zombie novel is THERE ARE NO CONTINGENCY PLANS FOR THIS! St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park are two cities on a peninsula of Florida's west coast. With the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Tampa Bay on the other the evacuation choices are few even when a proper warning is given. This is no place to be when a major disaster strikes and the power goes out. The general population receives no warning of the impending doom about to wash over them.

The dead are coming back to life, filled with a single-minded urge to devour the living. While the power is on, some people follow the bigger picture on TV, but the news media is little more than a chronicler of the disaster. Sadly, most people are better at becoming part of the problem than finding a way to solve it. The most important question becomes: Are there enough resilient, survivor types left to stem this rising dead tide of humanity? You can get more details and pickup a copy here

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