Universal Sells off Rogue Pictures


Rogue pictures is the house behind such movies as The Strangers, Shaun of the Dead and the upcoming Odette Yustman movie, The Unborn.  Due to pressure from it's parent company, NBC Universal sold off Rogue Pictures to Relativity Media for a cool $150 million.  The deal closed quietly just before Christmas, but was fully disclosed today by the companies involved, reports the NY Times.

With the purchase of Rogue, Relativity gains about 25 films for it's library, and a whopping 30 development projects!  Rogue already has a strong and valuable distribution agreement with Universal, which should mean great things for the independent films, especially in the realm of action and HORROR!!  Rogue also has a pretty sweet producing deal with none other than Wes Craven, and he has a new serial killer thriller called 25/8 coming out later this year!

Let's hope this means lots more horror movies, that are done well, but will still have the backing and distribution to get into our hands!

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