B-Horror Comedies I Love Part 4


Its been awhile since I did my last B-Horror Comedies love. In the past we have covered such classics as Bubba HoTep, Jack Frost and GingerDead man and now we are unleashing five new awesomely classic B-Horror Comedies that are well worth watching. I would encourage you to start out by reading Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 So without any specific order here are 4 B Movie Horror Comedies you must watch.

Evil Aliens: Goon and I saw this one together which is pretty amazing in itself. We live in different countries and the fact they let Goon into my country to come see films was impressive. I called ahead and alerted the authorities but he still snuck in in a carry on. Evil Aliens is classic goodness in every way you can imagine. Aliens attack, they have evil intentions and its a great mix of blood, gore, stupid laughs and pretty good FX. If you like aliens, gore and funny one liners Evil Aliens is for you. Admittedly this film grew on me over time but any way you cut it have a drink and watch this film and you will laugh your ass off and LOVE the creative ways people die. ( Evil Aliens Movie Clips / Trailers )

Freak Out: Freak out is the definition of comedy horror. It is witty, funny, well shot and overall just a kick you in the balls festival of fun.  Merv Doody (James Heathcote) is a true horror aficionado. He's seen it all. That's when fate delivers an inept psycho killer to his doorstep. At first, Merv is interested in not getting killed, but then it becomes something more. He must transform this bumbling reject from the local asylum into the ultimate killing machine.  Enlisting the aid of his best friend Onkey (Dan Palmer), they set about making the best slasher in the world. The film is hilarious and loads of fun.

Dead and Breakfast: This movie was so funny the first time I saw it I was actually hurting. I laughed so hard I was falling out of my chair and if memory serves me right Goon came to town to see this one with me as well. Dead and Breakfast is about a bed and breakfast that becomes a killing spree when the dead walk. Unlike most zombie movies though these zombies talk, have witty one liners and even like to dance to Michael Jackson. With lots of stupid one liners, fantastic writing, great fx and one of the funniest PIE eating scenes ever Dead and Breakfast is an absolute classic. ( watch the trailer )

Hide and Creep: Hide and creep is a very low budget indie horror film that has alot of merits as well as a few flaws in it. I put it on this list because it has one of the funniest scenes in horror comedy I have seen that puts this film over the top. In the sleepy town of Thorsby, Alabama, no one had a life. Then the dead showed up. Now instead of just killing time the people of Thorsby are killing each other, taking up arms as the zombies take to the streets, the barbecue joints and the strip bars. Soon spaceships are flying overhead, federal agents are patrolling the grounds and a few fearless individuals are joining forces to run like hell.   I should warn that you have to be wary lads since you will see some weiner in this film and that for me is always highly disturbing.

This will end the 4th installment of B-Horror Comedies I love but fear not so long as I can keep coming up with movies I will keep telling you about them. Please be sure to share our own favorites in the comments and if you are a filmmaker who thinks I should include your film drop me a line. I am always looking for more B-Movie madness to entertain my small intestine and to tickle my funny bone.

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