My Bloody Valentine 3D or 2'ZZZZ?


According to reviews by various outlets My Bloody Valentine 3d features some pretty exciting stuff but you are better ahead not wasting your time on the 2d version. That scares me since I doubt there is a 3d theater in my area with them being so limited right now.

Fangoria and Twitch two fine sites are indicating its a great flick to see in 3D but you are most likely best off skipping it in 2D according to community member and contributor JMH314. If the film is really that bad in 2d it just re-enforces my statements that 3d is a gimmick to get you into theatres. Admittedly I would find great fun with blood and axes coming out of the screen all over me so long as I do not have to wear those stupid red/blue/green glasses.

Which as noted is not the case. At this point it would appear your choices are to go with 3D or 2ZZZZ and the latter you might want to skip. It is a real shame since the original really is a classic. As noted by the NYTimes although the film will be released in 2d on 1600 screens and in 3-D on 900 screens. For a list of theatres that do support 3d in your area use this site

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