Chan-wook's Thirst Photos


IO9 has posted some new photos for the upcoming Park Wan Chook film THIRST. This film is one I am going to be watching closely since the director is the reason I started watching foreign films. Oldboy will go down as one of the most bad ass films I have ever seen! The plot is as follows;

Thirst follows Sang-hyun, a saddened priest who is obsessed with the unhappiness in society. In hopes of saving at least one life, he participates in an experiment to find a vaccine for the deadly F.I.V. virus in Africa. Of course, the experiment goes horribly wrong and the priest is infected - but he recovers completely and his church is elated with his new healing abilities. The feeling doesn't last, though, and he relapses and awakens with a thirst for blood and a fear of the sun. If he doesn't drink blood, the F.I.V. symptoms come rushing back, so he steals blood transfusions and lives the life of a vampire. Sang-hyun tries to live a life free from sin but a failed suicide attempt and forbidden attraction to his friends wife lead this new vampire priest down the road plotting murder.

More pics are at I09

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