Courtney Solomon Is a Vampire Hunter


Our compadres at PW dropped us a line on TWITTER ( feel free to follow us ) to inform us that Courtney Solomon is developing a feature film based on 'Anita Blake Vampire Hunter'. Having never heard of the books I got the following off the author Laurell K Hamiltons site;

Anita Blake is an Animator and Vampire Slayer. Actually, she is a monster slayer. Though sometimes the monsters are human and even Anita is not sure she is not one of them. Anita lives in a world very similar to our own. The difference: things that go bump in the night are real. Vampires, magic, zombies, werewolves, shapeshifters all exist and are active. Owning businesses, having love lives and living or unliving their day to day existence.

Anita works for Animators, Inc. She routinely raises zombies for a living. Have a questionable will and died? Anita can raise you for your heirs to find out what you intended. Need to tell someone how you really feel about them but they died first? Anita can bring them back long enough for you to have your say. Anita also works as a consultant for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team (RPIT), a division of the St. Louis Police force that deals with supernatural crimes.

Of course Anita's boss at Animator's Inc, Bert Vaughn, will farm out his folks for all kinds of things; if the price is right. Though there are some things that even Bert is not willing to do for money. Unfortunately for Anita, some folks don't take NO for an answer. Don't worry, Anita is a tough lady. She can handle a gun with the best of them. Of course some things even a weapon won't help her with. Like her love life. Too complicated for even her, she is being wooed by the Master of the City, and a Alpha werewolf. Have to be careful not to give away too much here!

Join Anita as she solves mysteries relating to all the scary things in the world. If you enjoy a good mystery, a tough female character with an attitude, spiced with creatures that only exist in the realms of fantasy, Anita Blake is what you have been searching for. If I haven't yet convinced you, return to the graveyard and pick a headstone. Each stone will allow you to see the front cover, the blurbs from the back cover and read the entire first chapter of that book. If that doesn't send you running for the bookstore, then you'd best check your pulse.

Courtney Solomon is the head of After Dark Films that has done Horrorfest and brought us great films like Frontieres.. and some stinkers like Tooth and Nail. More info the books go to the authors site here Update: According to David Kesler who posted in the comments PW got this wrong. Thanks for the update!

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