Indie Horror To Look Out For In 2009


After writing my last piece about how dreadful I thought 2008 was for the most part someone asked me what I was looking forward to in 2009 theatrically. Honestly I had a tough time really thinking of something that really had me excited to head to the theater. BUT I could think of several films that are in the process of being finished up or are slowly being worked on from the hardest working filmmakers in the world, the indie guys.

It is probably a well known fact that around here I am the indie guy. I love all indie films even if they tend to be on the shitty side sometimes. But don't kid yourself into thinking if you send me some bullshit you filmed with 5 of your best friends in your backyard that I will give you a good review. Indie film has always tickled my fancy because these guys put there heart and soul into each film. A lot more than what most people think. Thats why whenever I see a very negative review from someone who really doesn't know what that director went through to get it made I shake my head. But thats another piece altogether. What you want to know is the good stuff for 2009.

I will start with something that was whispered about a couple years ago at a convention. Toe Tag Pictures and Fred Vogel had just screened their fantastic film The Redsin Tower and the Q & A had fired up. During that session Vogel said he was going to wrap up the August Underground series and than move on to more original work. This original work would include vampires. Now if you have never seen the special FX done by Toe Tag you need to check out one of their films immediately. They do some excellent work and hopefully 2009 will be the year we get to see them come out and do vampires right. Check out their Official website for more info on them and to stock up on their very hard to find films.

Another film which I have been covering rather extensively since 2007 is Black Devil Doll (official website). This film is due out any day now and the only hold up at this point is the DVD distribution company. If you haven't heard of this film til now then you have never been to this website before. I will say things have been really quiet from the camp lately which is very uncommon for them but I assure you this film is gonna drop in 2009. When it does I can guarantee its going to raise some hell.

In 2007 I believe I came into contact with the Texas filmmaker Mel House. This guy has a lot of talent and just recently got himself a whole new studio in which to make his cinematic dreams come true. His first film Closet Space has yet to be released but hopefully 2009 will be the year. It was a great effort with some minor flaws and some work that could have been done on some of the special FX but overall something you will want to track down. The real film I want to address however is his next work, Walking Distance (MySpace page). Again I have been covering this one closely and I am very impressed with what I have seen. From every aspect it looks like he has stepped up his game and the trailers really impressed.

The other day I got a call from good friend and great filmmaker Paul Del Vecchio about a film that he wanted me to check out. The name of the film at first made me chuckle because really all I heard was 69... Yea I'm perverted. The name is actually *69 which of course made me feel like an idiot later when I realized what it was. Director Elki Blaski is directing and honestly at this point I don't know too much. All I have been able to see is some of the video blog updates that have gone live at Paul's official website. From what I have seen it is obvious that it has something to do with a possessed little girl which always scares the shit out of me. I love possession flicks. So keep your eye out for more on that one because I think thats going to be one hell of a flick that is going to catch ALOT of people by surprise.

Another film that hasn't gotten too much love here simply because again information is scarce is Killer Biker Chicks. Anyone who follows indie films knows of Elske McCain. One of the hardest working women in horror. Lucky for you guys in 2009 you should get a double dose with Killer Biker Chicks (MySpace page) and her own film Jessicka Rabid which is another fine piece of cult horror. But Killer Biker Chicks includes even more chicks including Brenna Lee Roth and Scarlet Salem. Both of whom I am a huge fan of. So this movie with all three of them involved is going to be one hell of a ride that I think any grindhouse fanatic is gonna love.

I really wish I could just keep going on and on but I must eventually stop. So one more that I am going to throw out there for you guys to keep an eye on in the New Year is Sweatshop (official website). So far I have given you guys all different kinds of films to look out for from killer dolls to biker chicks it only seems right that I mention a slasher film. Stacy Davidson had said back in August that he was heavy into post production and was close to finishing his rough cut. As long as all goes as planned it sounds like 2009 may be the year we finally see this thing. This film is pretty much your run of the mill slasher that takes place with some ravers and a guy a pretty big sledgehammer.

Unfortunately I didn't get to mention everything I am looking forward to this year but I think I covered a wide range of films. Some other projects that I would like to at least mention include Sick Girl, XII, Deadlands 2: Trapped, Bitch Slap and hopefully the long gestating Death Walks the Streets. I have been in close contact with James Zahn and everything seems to be moving along. We can only hope that project gets the lift it needs. I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton of other indie films that deserve to be mentioned here but I am merely writing this to let you guys know that horror is far from dead. As a matter of fact it is still kicking ass you just need to know where to look. To all you filmmakers out there keep making indie horror that we love and never forget that the fans will always come if you make a quality film.

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