Amatuer Porn Star Killer 3 Hits DVD


On DVD this Tuesday Jan 13, 2009 will be "Amateur Porn Star Killer 3: The Final Chapter", the completion of the controversial horror snuff trilogy which made it's debut in Nov of 2007. Not only is this the lowest-budgeted feature film trilogy ever made to be distributed (for a 3-movie total-combined budget of just 75 bucks) but it's also the first horror trilogy to feature not one drop of blood.

The "love it" or "hate it" series has sparked heated debates since director Shane Ryan shot the original APSK in 2004. The newest APSK3 was actually booted from Sony, it's DVD manufacturer, for inappropriate content, and struggled to find another company in time for its already delayed release (originally set to hit DVD Dec 9 2008).

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