Boyle Offered Lady Vengeance Remake?


Just the other day, Meh filled us in on Danny Boyle stating in a webchat interview at Empire he was very close to directing Aliens 4 a few years back.  One thing that I noticed in this same exact interview is that it also appears that Danny Boyle has received an offer to remake Sympathy For Lady Vengeance.  This came about after he was asked a quiestion about the Asian film industry by a fan:

Q: What do you think of the Asian film industry, mainly South Korea and Hong Kong?  A lot of South Korean movies are being remade into US remakes.  Would you ever consider remaking a good South Korean movie, maybe Oldboy?

A: Seriously, I was just asked to do a remake of Lady Vengeance, the one after Oldboy. My favourite is Audition.

Obviously, the answer is really brief and he does not say whether he is going to possibly do it or not only that an offer was made.  Either way it makes me wonder if that would be the right move for him.  Although, a remake of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is all together unnecessary anyways so I kind of hope that it doesnt materialize. 

Just a refresher, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is the final film in Park Chan-wook's "The Vengeance Trilogy."  The two other films in the trilogy consist of Sympath for Mr Vengeance and Oldboy.  This is not the first time Sympathy for Lady Vengeance has had rumblings of being remade as almost a year ago rumors of Chalize Theron remaking Lady Vengeance were making the rounds.  We'll keep you posted whether this remake ever actually materializes, no matter if Danny Boyle is attached to the project or not. 

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