Blood of the Zombie Hits DVD

Blood of the Zombie also knows as "The Dead One" has come to DVD. A voodoo priestess brings her brother back to life so he can kill her cousin's bride. The confused zombie kills the wrong woman and is bought back to life a second time to try and finish the deed.

Shriek Show Video has come up with a real rare flick this time. It is Barry Mahon's long lost gem "Blood Of The Zombie" aka "The Dead One."

Blood of the Zombie DVD Info

A very interesting story about a woman who brings back to life a rotting zombie to do her bidding. The print quality is very good and the color is vibrant in spots. It also co-stars Linda Ormand, wife of filmmaker Ron Ormond who gave the world such treats as Mesa Of Lost Women and Monster & The Stripper. 

Check out the Blood of the Zombie DVD page for the complete cast list, reviews, etc.

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