The Unborn Delivered at No. 3


The first major horror film to hit theaters in 2009 is The Unborn and it's first weekend proves to be a positive one.  The Rogue Pictures/Universal Pictures release earned a healthy $21.1 million over it's first three days in release.  This landed the film at #3 for the weekend, a good $10 million ahead of the previous #1 film Marley and Me and only a half million behind the #2 film Bride Wars.  Gran Torino landed at #1 with $29 million.

Despite the first weekend success, The Unborn has not been getting anything close to positive reviews from critics and even horror fans have been split on this film.  We have had two reviews so far which are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  If you have seen it, get a review up and let us know what you thought.  Love it or hate it, this goes to show that even during "dumping ground" season at theaters, moviegoers still seem to be drawn to PG-13 horror films. 

The Unborn Review by moviemaven  
The Unborn Review Review by Psyko113  

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