Timecrimes US DVD Cover Art


Thanks to esplatter for a look at the DVD cover for the US version of Timecrimes, a spanish (spain spanish, not mexico spanish) movie, that according to goon, isn't 100% horror, but definitely touches the limits of horror.  Los Cronocrimenes as it's called in spanish is hitting DVD shelves in the US on March 31, 2009 by Magnolia.  Gooner gave it a good review, and it definitely sounds pretty good to me, based on the synopsis - if you like these thinking type of movies.  Check out the DVD art below!

Hector is an ordinary man who's moving to a new house with his wife. One evening, while he's looking through his binoculars, he sees a naked girl in the woods. He decides to go there just to find that same girl laying on a rock. Suddenly, a man with a pink bandage covering his face, stabs Hector in his arm with scissors. Then a chase starts, leading Hector to a time machine that brings him back nearly an hour in the past. The man in charge of the time machine explains to Hector (Hector 2) that he must not interfere with the other Hector (Hector 1) so he can go into the time machine again. Things complicate, and Hector 2 is hit by a car, injuring his face. To stop the bleeding, he covers his face with a bandage that turns into pink because of the blood. Then Hector 2 realizes he has to stab Hector 1 and chase him to the time machine in order to make things right.

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