Terminator Salvation Plot Revealed


Gotta love the internet. The much guarded plot for the upcoming Terminator Salvation has now been revealed. Although not complete it should be warned that this post contains spoilers.

First off there was always speculation that Marcus was a Terminator and the recent toy photos released by DC direct pretty much confirmed that. Well now the footage shown to press has confirmed that even further. Marcus starts off human but ends up being turned into a terminator. A machine with a human brain but also no knowledge of the fact that he is a machine. He encounters John Conner when he actually saves him from the Hydrobot terminators.

He then reveals that SKYNET has Reese and that they must save REESE or obviously Conner will not exist. Marcus has the secret and method to do this which of course leads to the 'I have spent my whole life hating you and wanting to destroy you' monologue from the trailer. Marcus is a good guy... and he is apparently one of the first terminators, a hybrid human/machine. The film it appears will focus not just on Conner coming to terms with the world and the fact its in ruins and that the human race is losing the war. But also it will focus on Marcus, his 'angst' at being a machine but thinking he is human and of course.. rescueing REESE his father from Skynet. Sounds pretty damn cool so far! Bring on Terminator Salvation. Oh and I am calling dibs on Arnold having a cameo even though its been denied so far. Tks to my pal Richard for the low down

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