Bubba Ho Tep 2 movie is Coming

MyMovies sat down with "Bubba Ho Tep" director, Don Coscarelli, and discussed the possiblity of a sequel. He sounds pretty confident that they will make a sequel. Here is what he had to say about the project.

My sources say yes. Things are looking quite good. MGM was very happy with the results in the States, the UK's looking very solid, there's a lot of fan interest in it – and Bruce would love to play some more of the old hound dog! So there's a good chance we actually will make that film." However don't expect filming to kick off any time soon as Coscarelli has yet to come up with anything other than the title, "There is no story (yet) so we're gonna try and cook up something good…hard to say (when), but as soon as we can.

Source: MyMovies.net

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