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Its time for round 2 of Horrorfest 3 reviews. Below you can checkout the lastest reviews posted to the site by 5thdroog and of course as always feel free to submit your own. For your entertainment and as a recap you can also find the earlier reviews below as well. The new reviews for Slaughter and The Broken are below with an excerpt as well as a link to the complete review. Enjoy! 

  • Slaughter Review: 'This was a movie that I was really enjoying until the end. It wasn’t that the end was so bad, but it became a bit of a monologue and ended up making me feel like the people behind the movie didn’t think I’d be able to figure out the conclusion if it was just shown to me. The last part just seemed to drag on a bit and I think that is where it lost me'
  • The Broken Review: 'The thing about this movie is, it was well done. The acting was good, the shots of the city were good, and for the most part everything stayed in focus. The bad thing about it for me was, I didn’t really get into the story. It wasn’t bad, but it really didn’t draw me in. The worse part for me was there wasn’t a pay off in the end.'
  • From Within Review: 'The acting was pretty bad in this one. Adam Goldberg is in the movie as the redneck boyfriend, but his part, as well as most, seemed way over acted. I didn’t mind the brooding Dekker at first, but it got overplayed really fast. At least he didn’t stand out too much since all the characters were so clichéd and acted the same way.'
  • Dying Breed Review 'The movie was good, but for me it seemed to get in its own way in the end. It kept on dragging out the ending trying to be something different or give us one last surprising twist. This got very tired after the first couple of times and is where the movie lost me a bit. '
  • Butterfly Effect Revelations ' The opening scene was pretty brutal, but nothing really new here.I guess in the end that can be said for this whole movie. There was nothing new about it. The story has been done before in other variations. '

If you have seen any of the films as always feel free to submit your own reviews! Kudos to 5thDroog who is doing his best to go and see and review all of the films for this years Horrorfest 3

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