Indie Horror Posters That Kick Ass Part II


Time for round two of my new semi-regular editorial on indie horror films and the marketing behind them that.. yes... kicks ass. My biggest beef with indie horror is so many awesome horror movies have some of the lamest posters and dvd art and quite frankly.. there is no excuse. Your first foot forward is your poster.. even before the trailer and people will not forgive a half ass poster. So without to much to-do here is round two of Indie Horror Posters that Kick ass and reach out and grab you by the snoobly-dooblers.

How To be a Serial Killer: What isnt to love about this poster? Setup like the cover of one of those lame 'get rich quick' books.. the poster says it all. Its witty, its crafty and it is clean and simple. This poster proves witty design over splish splash can still deliver a very cool poster. Simple, clean and to the point!

Smash Cut: You may be like me and never heard of this film until today when Goon posted about it but tell me this poster does not lure you in. You have the creepy hot chick, the severed limbs and the dark vibe all coming together to see 'ooh la la'. Its a perfect poster with the right mix of sexy, bloody and 'grit'. Love everything about this poster.

Run Bitch Run: An obvious grind house film just based on the title alone this poster is quite different from my above choices. This poster is doing things right by BEING what it is supposed to be. A grindhouse movie with a grindhouse poster which will appeal to its exact demographic. The Grind House fans! This poster works for this film where others ( including the bad ass design above ) would not. You have to know and market to your audience.

Amateur Pornstar Killer 3d: Admittedly I am really tired of hearing how little this movie was made for. I dont care that it was made for less then $10. Do you? What I can say though despite that is I do like the gritty grindhouse look to their poster. Market the poster,dont market your $10 budget because this poster alone will grab your eyeballs and make you rent it!

Blood Car: This puppy goes without saying. Once again you look at the poster, you know what the dillyo is about and it draws you in. The quote on the poster just re-enforces the poster and makes it stand out more. Simple, to the point and snazzy.

Black Devil Doll: This one goes without saying as to the topic. The film is a throw back and so is the poster. Without question this poster wont appeal to the mainstream horror fans but thats not the intent. Its an exploitation film and the poster says that, it makes fun of itself and it reaches its audience. Definitely a Kick Ass Indie Poster.

This will end part 2 of Indie Horror Posters that Kick ass but this is by no means the end of cool indie posters or my talking about them. As always feel free to leave comments with what you think and posters you think I have overlooked so far. If you are an indie filmmaker feel free to drop us a line and share your poster and we will give it a look and throw it up in our Indie Horror Posters That Kick Ass if it does! If you missed the first part of this editorial you can checkout the last one here

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