Outlander You Have A Release!

Yeah, a completely corny title for an article.  But I am excited, the long (and I mean long) delayed Viking vs Alien movie Outlander is finally seeing the light of day.  I remember seeing the first designs for the alien creature the Moorwen (designed by Patrick Tatopoulos) online what seems like ages ago and instantly being excited about the project.  Alien creature crashes in Norway during Norse times, pursued by an alien being played by Jesus...ahem...Jim Caviezel...and the alien being teaming up with the local Viking lord to destroy it?  You gotta admit, its pretty damn original. 

The film, directed by Howard McCain (who also co-wrote the new Underworld), was completed sometime in 2007.  But then, the rumors of theaterical release started to come up, then they died down, then rumors of straight to dvd came up...the usual rumor mill for movies in release date hell.  Considering the original, yet understandably strange story, it might be a hard film to market.

Well, the film is finally getting released.  But (as sadly expected after so long) in a limited dumping, but what is unexpected is how close to release its being announced.  January 23!  The Outlander Blog has a list of fifteen cities that the film will be playing in (closest one to me is Atlanta, hopeing for one to come to Savannah), but it also mentions that the distribution company Third Rail may actually be releasing in about 80 theaters.  Nothing confirmed on that.

Outlander sees a limited release on January 23, 2009.
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