My Bloody Valentine 3rd Place


Over the past weekend saw four major releases, to include the long awaited 3D remake of My Bloody Valentine.  The shockingly positive reviews (come on, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who had the little person scratching the back of my mind saying 'look forward to it all you want, but reviews are gonna say it sucks') seems to have translated well for the box office.

BoxOfficeMojo has the three day grosses.  My Bloody Valentine came in third place with a respectable $21.9million dollars while the family friendly Paul Blart went number one with $33.8 million and the throughly excellent Gran Torino came in with $22.2million.  The other two releases, the biopic of rapper Notorious BIG Notorious came in fourth with $21.5million and the family film Hotel For Dogs came in fifth with $17.7million.  Valentine certainly overshadows director Patrick Lussier's previous theatrical release Dracula 2000, which limped on screen with $8.6million opening weekend.

Valentine did much better than I expected, sadly no numbers are out to see how much better the 3D screens did better than the 2D.  I can only hope that folks faced with the choice between seeing 3D and 2D in the same theater didn't just decide to play it cheap and go 2D.  Because here, unlike most of the new "3D" movies, it makes a difference.

Most theaters are tending to keep 3D movies till a new 3D movie or HD film is released to help promote the new technology.  Hopefully this will cause Valentine to grow some legs and not totally drop off the map.  That is until Coraline gobbles up a few of the digital screens in February.  Next on the horror slate is Outlander (receiving an extremely limited release) and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, both due out January 23. Below are some reader reviews for My Bloody Valentine 3-D and as always feel free to contribute your own review;

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