Studio 407 Signs Thirteen Ghosts Scribe


Today Comic book company Studio 407 signed film scribe Neal Marshall Stevens to create two new comic book series for them. The titles he will begin working on are a futuristic action-thriller "Havoc Brigade" and a horror-adventure "Demon Squad." Stevens is well known for writing the Thriteen Ghosts remake and the upcoming movie "Hybrid" or "Hunter".

The comic book Demon Squad is about a secret organization that goes in after some kind of Demon attack to clean things up and make sure it doesn't get out of control. The mythology of the book is that in order for these demons to feed off of humans is to trick them into committing suicide. So the "grief counselors" that are sent in are actually this elite para-military team.

No word on when these projects may comic shelves but their is a good chance if they do well they could make a film. Studio 407 has a first look deal with Myriad Pictures so I am sure they will be on the lookout for any new material they can get their hands on. Be sure to keep it here for more.

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