Shaky Cam Amityville Horror Sequel?


Today buried deep within the trades there was a mention of a little film called Amityville Tapes which was a screenplay written by Neal Marshall Stevens. Now they unfortunately didn't have any information on the film so everything here is merely going to be speculation. But the name alone here seems to say alot doesn't it?

The name, for me, brings up visions of a missing family and their "home movies" being discovered by the Police or something similar. In any case it definitely sounds like they are going to take the now popular cinema verite route for Amityville. The style that gave Cloverfield its edge and then was later duplicated by Quarantine.

So how would an Amityville film work with this particular style? Its interesting but I think its another gimmick. But I think if it is used correctly can be very effective. Cannibal Holocaust is a perfect example. Now we don't really know what this sequel will be but would you think of a POV Amityville?

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