Rob Zombie talks Halloween 2!


Rob Zombie has shared some insights on the upcoming Halloween Remake Sequel. Much like when the original remake was not a remake Rob Zombie is now saying the sequel... is not a sequel to the original Halloween. In Fairness I really enjoyed Rob Zombies Halloween and felt it was a pretty good movie. Rob Zombie says the sequel to his original Halloween remake is going to follow its own path;

Well, it’s going to pick up right at the next second. Ya know, when I was making that movie, it was really funny‚Ķ I had struggled with the Laurie Strode character through the whole movie. Within the sense that,

I usually work with darker characters like Captain Spaulding and Otis. Those are the characters I really feel like I understand. By the time I got to the end of the movie when Laurie Strode was all smacked up and covered in blood, holding a gun, and screaming, I was like “THAT’S the Laurie Strode movie I want to make!”

I am not really that excited for this upcoming sequel but I was definitely a fan of the original. The above quote comes courtesy of Icons Of Fright

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