Underworld: Rise to #2

As much as I thought it would, I'm sad to say that Underworld: Rise of the Lycans did not capture Number One over the weekend for the box office.  Despite a very slow Friday, last week's champion Paul Blart pulled a Saturday upset and pushed itself to number one yet again with $21.5million. 

However, Lycans has probably surpassed what people thought it would do.  Boxofficemojo has the estimates (final figures to be released Monday) and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans opened strong with $20.7million dollars. This just about a million short of what the original made in its opening weekend.  For a prequel that's a pretty solid opening and hopefully the movie will continue to do well.  According to BOMojo, the film cost about $35million dollars(!), so it should go into a decent profit in the United States.  Lycans should also do well overseas, both previous films have sold well internationally as well.

About a week ago, Len Wiseman commented on the chance of a fourth Underworld film.  I think this might convince Screen Gems into investing time considering a fourth movie.  Personally I would like to see an Underworld that spans the time between Lycans and the first film.  There were some lycans characters introduced whom I would like to see more of and I would like to know how the vampire elders Marcus and Amelia deal with this new situation when they awake.

In other horror box office, Outlander opened on 80 screens and grossed $53,200.  My Bloody Valentine dropped down to position six but still held well with just over $10million.  The other major release of the week Inkheart is a qualified bust with just about $7.7million made.  The next horror show to hit theaters is The Uninvited, the remake of the Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters.
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