Zombie War: World War Z Concept Art


The the chapter in Max Brook's World War Z that really hit me in the stomach was the detailed account about the Battle of Yonkers.  The United States military went out in force, heavy machine guns, tanks, armored personal carriers, artillery, attack helicopters, the whole shebang.  What was suppose to be a successful stop of the undead hordes turned into an unmitigated disaster. 

This is the section of the novel that cannot be 1) left outta the upcoming film adaptation -being directed by Marc (Quantum of Solace, Monster's Ball) Forester- and 2) cannot be F---ed up.  If its F---ed up, they destroy what would be the greatest battle sequence in the history of zombie films.

Well, the website 109 got ahold of a brilliant piece of concept art by Daniel LuVisi detailing his idea of Yonkers.  I'm sure you'll agree its magnificent.  The artwork was done in a bid to get working on the picture.  109 got a chance to speak with LuVisi, though he didn't say he is with the production, signs point to he is.

I'm totally jazzed about World War Z being turned into a film.  As long as they don't fall into the hyper-MTV-documentary Bourne franchise look and stick to a real documentary style for the interviews/flashbacks, I think it'll be great.  This might just be the overexcited fan looking at a kickarse piece of art, but plaster World War Z onto that puppy, you got yourself a theaterical banner.  No possible release date has been set for Z yet.

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