Munroe Updates War Monkeys


Awhile back we reported that Kevin Munroe had been attached to direct War Monkeys and that martial arts legend Sammo Hung would be on board. Since then we had not heard much about what was going on. Today SciFi Wire caught up with Munroe and asked him about the hold up and how the film was coming along.

"It's running just a couple weeks behind where Dead of Night is, and we're doing the same, where we're sort of making lists and calling people and talking. ... There's a couple of really great people we're talking about for the other role against Sammo. And then there's a whole other cadre of people for a couple of days at a time, and it will be really fun cameo kind of stuff."

In case you are wondering what film this is Sammo Hung plays one of two janitors who get stuck in an underground research facility and run into a bunch of military-trained war monkeys who have been released in the building. During the interview he also mentioned that he is going to use real monkeys and puppets as much as possible but they will also use CG when they have to.

Apparently the film is not going to as B-Movie as it sounds according to Munroe, "It could so easily just be a goof B movie, but it's a good little story. And the characters are very relatable, ... but, at the same time, it's set against this really violent, really sort of rank comedy. But it's great."

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