Round 2, Horror Remakes Worth Watching


Since my first go at Horror Remakes worth Watching got such a great response and so many of you pointed out how I missed some films it seemed worth while to do a second part. I will guarantee right up front that you will agree with at least one film on this Part 2 of my list and dis-agree with at least one. The somewhat cool part is that one of these movies is still playing in theatres. So without further ado and in absolutely no order here is Round 2 of Horror Remakes Worth Watching.

The Blob Remake: I love the Blob remake for a variety of reasons. Well shot with a perfect cast its the definition of a campy good time. Made in the 80's and a remake of the classic 50's film it has an 80% approval rating in our film database.  By no means scary to me this action scifi tale of a blob that wants to eat all of mankind is both fun and entertaining and very much deserving to be in any horror collectors collection. Think of it as a more friendly version of The Thing. Admittedly as much as this movie did not scare me at all the thought of a massive blob eating people is pretty damn scary. A fun factiod worth noting is another Blob Remake is in the Works

Thirteen Ghosts Remake: This one is probably not as well known to be a remake but it is definitely one of the better remakes around. The film is also unlike the Blob quite creepy. Telling the story of a family that inherits a house with shifting walls that is somehow also cursed it is creepy, bloody and definitely VERY cool. This film also has an 80% approval rating in our database. I found this film quite entertaining and although at times a bit 'off' it was definitely a good waste of my time.

House of Wax Remake: I have to admit right up front I avoided this film like the plague since the directors chose to pull a stunt move by casting Paris Hilton. I hate Paris Hilton and casting her is basically saying to me 'please do not buy my movie its not a serious movie'. That said unlike Repo The Genetic Opera I actually though Paris Hilton did a pretty good job in this film. It was both creepy and fun and the scene where Paris Hilton bites the big one resulted in cheers and hollers of happiness from the audience when i first saw it. Both gorey and entertaining I have to confess that I did enjoy this remake. I bet not many of you did. Or did you? As a point of reference this films approval rating is 63% in our film database.

The Toolbox Murders Remake: I am going to go out on a major limb here and say that I think the remake was better then the original. I enjoyed Toolbox Murders immensely. It was dark, creepy and all around just plain fun. It also has an approval rating of 80% in our Film Database. It redefined the words 'holy crap its time to move'. When a mutated killer decides the best kinda tenant is one that is a mutilated and eventually dead tenant its probably time to move out. Although they do not have another remake of this one planned their is talk of a sequel to Toolbox Murders which will most likely ruin everything like so many unneccesary sequels do.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D Remake: Although I have not yet gone to see this one myself the consensus is very strong from readers that this movie  is well worth the price of admission. The word from almost all of you who have submitted reviews is that its gorey,fun and packed full of 3-D gimmicky goodness that works! The reccomendation has also been made that if you do go see it be sure its in 3-D. Apparently in 2D its a bit of the 'same old hash' and a snooze fest. My Bloody Valentine 3-D has an approval rating of 74% in our film Database.

So ends part 2 of Horror Remakes worth watching. Take a few minutes and share your comments. Good, Bad, Ugly? Sound off!

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